Declaration of Faith

Because the Lord has called me – I can.  Because He has empowered me – I can.               I can do whatever He has called me to do through His Anointing that strengthens me. It is His Power that gives me the ability to do what He has created me to do.  There may be obstacles on this path that I am following Him on, but He has not allowed them to be there for the purpose of hindering or discouraging me; they are there so that I can overcome them by faith … so that I can overcome them in His Power.  I can overcome all obstacles because I am on His side. Because I am on His side, I share in His Victory. faith


The battle He fought is won. The work He set out to complete is finished.  He gives me His assurance that if I will continue to focus on Him on this path that He is leading me on, I will fight the good fight,  I will finish this race in His Victory, and … I will hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Time Alone with Him

Lord, I love You – beach-love-heart-romantic-valentine-romancewithout You, I am nothing and can do nothing…You are my all in all. When nothing else was good in my life – You were good. You taught me how to receive love and how to give love. You gave me hope …something I had never had before I met You. I owe You everything, yet You require no repayment. You gave Your all for me, Lord …Help me to give my all to You.
In Jesus’ Name. Amen

Lord, Your Grace has truly been sufficient for me all of the years I have followed after You. You have brought me through valleys, through lush meadows, and over mountain tops.You have held my hand the whole way, and have never let me down. I am thankful for Your loving Hand in my life and the Promises that You have spoken to me along the way. I will hold to Your Hand and treasure Your Promises in my heart … every one of them giving me hope along the way as I follow after You. Help me to reflect Your Light, Your goodness, and Your Grace as we continue on our journey Home.
In Jesus’ Name. Amen.pray12